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The mastermind behind STLHE 2018 is Beatrice J Rose, who was born in the Canadian city of Sudbury. She became a professional textile machine operator and started working in her field upon graduation.

While working as a professional in this area, her experience taught her the important role that education played in doing a job right. Beatrice also realized that it is essential for the development of all human beings to have outstanding teachers, professors, tutors, and mentors.

These realizations motivated her to create informative content to be shared with the highest number of people she could reach. It was clear from the start that the best platform she could use to achieve her goal was a digital magazine, as it would give access to millions of interested people everywhere.

She knew it would all be more accurate and effective if she based the content on the Annual Conference of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Being in line with this conference meant that she could help her readers stay on top of the latest international events dedicated to talking about education and teaching methods.

Beatrice decided that she would tell you all about these events, providing enough information for you to go search for those that caught your eye and fit your needs. Thus, she created this unique magazine that is written to help readers with their personal and professional development through fitting resources.

Although her work and dedication soon paid off because she started to get hundreds of readers from the start, she realized she needed help to keep the magazine running. Beatrice ended up approaching her dearest tutors, classmates, and colleagues to check if they wanted to join in her efforts.

STLHE 2018 Target and Goals

Over several conversations and much discussion about goals and intended targets, our work team was put together. We are all focused on helping you achieve an optimized level of education, broadening your knowledge, and harnessing your skills appropriately.

We have come up with the best ways to help you find the education-related conferences and events near you. But you have the benefit of seeing information about those important events that will be worth a trip far from home, in addition to online conferences and seminars.

Our readers are also constantly updated on the new trends in the educational field, as we understand that it is evolving quickly to meet all emerging needs. Since this rapid evolution answers to how the world progresses, we understand that you and everybody must keep up with the changes and improvements.