Page image sponsors - Our Main Sponsors

We have had people from all walks of life contributing what they can to our efforts in keeping STLHE 2018 live, but there are a couple that stands out as our main sponsors.

The Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

The members of this society often provide their advice and insights regarding the topics we should cover in the magazine, for free.

Although we encourage all our readers to do this, their professionalism and expertise in the subject of teaching and learning methods have given the magazine an accuracy boost.

Additionally, this society hosts many conferences and seminars, for which they grant us free entrance. They have also helped us with our subscribers, by allowing the Golden Ticket to work in their events.

Ian Smith – Harvard School of Education

Yet another valuable sponsor, as he has seen fit to let us enter his classes for free and has become a bridge between us and Harvard to be able to attend related lectures. His knowledge and experience as a Professor in this prestigious university have made its way into several of our articles.


We have partnered with UNICEF to continue in our goal to provide learning tools and teaching methods to both kids and teachers from poor countries around Africa and Latin America.