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We have wanted to put the best information at your reach, but the best way to do it is by having you subscribe. STLHE 2018 offers many advantages and privileges to our subscribers, according to the package that they purchase.


The standard subscription will give you access to privileged informative content that you will get via email once a week. Additionally, every month we raffle teaching supplies and useful books for all subscribers. You can purchase this package at a monthly fee of $6.


This package comes with the same features as the standard one, but you will also receive updates about all the upcoming events on education in your email. If you purchase this package at $10 a month, these updates will be sent as soon as we find out the events will be taking place.


Purchasing our Gold package at only $15 a month will earn you the same as the two previous packages, with the addition of being invited to our webinars and our sponsors’. You can also email us your request for certain kinds of articles, or a particular subject you need us to talk about.

Additional Benefits

Along with these benefits, we provide rewards for first timers and referrals. After purchasing one of our subscription packages, you will receive a virtual Golden Ticket that is sent as a code to your email account.

This ticket will grant you entrance to the educational conferences that we have agreements with, for three months.

If you can refer us to two more subscribers, you will receive an Extended Golden Ticket that lasts 6 months as soon as they purchase their packages. Additionally, for those that decide to pay 6 months in advance, we give them the next 6 months for free and enjoying the same benefits.

Subscribe to us today by getting our email address and sending us your request, the reply will redirect you to the Google form where you can choose the package and how to pay.